In 2002, she was found totally abandoned in the port of Soto Grande near Gibraltar, her name having been changed to JAVELIN OF NORTHAM. It was there that Hervé Decker in charge of the Sailing Channel for Spain and Morocco – the European satellite television station specialising in the world of sailing – saw her and fell in love with her.

Mr Decker realised immediately the boat was of immense interest and that her resurrection could be a great story to document and to present to enthusiasts. First however he needed to find a person capable of understanding her hidden value and prepared to finance the restoration. After several months he identified and contacted an Italian entrepreneur, also a fine sailor and a great enthusiast for vintage boats, who immediately perceived the importance of JAVELIN. Within a few months she was purchased and after careful consideration the decision made to undertake most of the restoration in Spain so the boat would be spared the stress of transportation elsewhere.

It was there where it had been for more than a century; a silver shilling, coined in 1884 was wedged into the bottom of the oak step of the mainmast. As protection for warding off bad luck, it had worked well if, at the start of the new century, it saw light again before returning once more to its home under the new mast.

More recently JAVELIN was awarded the prize for La Belle Classe at Monte Carlo.