Holiday at sea


Dear guest,


Please send me the dates you have in mind. Although I am flexibleI, I prefer 7 day trips. I book only 4 weeks a year for chartering in total and my price is 2500 euro per day and that includes diesel, drinks and food on board.

Family week

Young kids enjoy the cosy environment that a ship brings. They love the swimming and for the very young ones we can fillup an inflatable pool on deck with safety net around the deck. With our dinghy you can land on any beach while Javelin is anchored. Parents can come to rest while the kids amuse themselves. Older kids can mess around with the sailing dinghy. In summer the sea is 26-28 Celsius so they will have fun big time.

Management weekend

Specially for management teams, sailing can be quit a teambuilding experience. Sailing has a lot in common with running a company. Navigation, heavy weather, escalations, celebrating success, managing margins, cross checking position, tasks, procedures and reaching the ultimate goal together. Spending a weekend at sea can give you another perspective and a lot of new ideas. I used it often as an ultimate start for getting commitment and for kicking off the next year budget plan....


I will pick you up from Naples airport while Javelin awaits you in Ischia, Casamichola. 


See you on the beach,



Captain Cat, Time Travel Venture